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IKI Cistern 80 litres

The IKI Cistern forms a stylish and functional combo with an IKI wood burning stove. The 80-liter cauldron is made out of stainless steel.

The IKI water heater can be placed partly on top of the stove or even in a separate washroom. When installed in the washroom, there is more space left in the sauna for the benches.

The IKI heat exchanger, which is installed in the stove’s flue pipe, heats up water efficiently, even in large quantities. When the sauna is heated, the water in the tanks heats up at the same time taking about an hour. The water will not come to a boil; the temperature is approx. 60-70 °C and thus safe to use. The IKI water heater does not make “popping” sounds when heating, so the sauna experience can be very peaceful.

The cistern is available in right-handed and left-handed versions. The cistern comes with a stainless-steel stand, a stainless-steel heat exchanger and other fixtures needed for installation. The IKI cistern goes together with the Mini IKI, Original IKI and Maxi IKI wood burning stoves. The height of the stainless-steel stand depends on the size of the stove that is in use.



80 litres
Height of the tank
95 cm*
34 cm
*= 95 cm is the height of the tank. The total height and the height of the stand depend on the heater