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KIVI-IKI SL Fireplace sauna stove

The stylish combination of a fireplace and sauna stove is operated from the other side of the sauna room’s wall. KIVI-IKI SL wood-burning sauna stove is ideal for 15 to 25 cubic meter sauna rooms.

The KIVI-IKI SL fireplace sauna stove, with its large glass-fronted hatch, is a real eyecatcher. The stove is operated through the fireplace on the other side of the sauna wall, which means the sauna stays free of wood chips and scatter. The glass hatch functions as a great source of light, illuminating the dressing room with a lively glow.

Wall protecting heat shields are available in black or stainless steel and come in two different sizes. The higher version is used in combination with the optional 70 mm high IKI stove base.

The hatches are available as right-handed and left-handed.

The stove is manufactured using the same durable materials as all other IKI wood-burning stoves.


Size of sauna
15-25 m³
Max. amount of stones
240 kg
Height of the sauna heater
141 cm
Diameter of the mesh
48 cm
Heigth of the glass hatch
47,5 cm
Width of the glass hatch
36 cm
Weight w/o stones
95 kg