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Maxi IKI guarantees a supreme bathing experience even for a larger sauna because of its maximum stone capacity; a colossal 300 kilos.

Thanks to the huge amount of stones, the stove stands up to the bathing standards of the most passionate sauna-enthusiasts around. The 360 degree component structured fire pipe heats up the stones efficiently. Maxi IKI is designed for large saunas, 20–30 cubic metres in size. The stove transmits heat well even if the fire in the furnace dies out for a while.

The quick heating time of approximately 1 hour is made possible by the 1 m2 contact area between the furnace and the stones. When heated the heavy-duty spiral fire pipe burns red transmitting heath quickly to the stones.



Size of sauna
20-30 m³
Max. amount of stones
300 kg
Height of the sauna heater
75 cm
Diameter of the mesh
60 cm
Diameter of the furnace
33 cm
Length of the furnace
60 cm
Weight w/o stones
70 kg