6 solid reasons to buy an IKI wood-burning sauna stove or electric heater

IKI sauna stoves and electric heaters are handmade in Finland. Our factory is located in Pieksämäki, where each IKI stove is crafted by hand from high-quality materials with uncompromising professionalism. Our factory staff has over 40 years of experience in welding stainless steel and black iron. “These we are proud to declare we’ve made all by our selves!” is one of the favorite statements made by our production manager Jarmo.

The characteristic IKI steam is formed by having a large quantity of sauna stones in our stoves and heaters. The memorable and pleasant steam is produced after a relatively short heating time. IKI wood-burning stoves and electric heaters deliver the kind of soft, moist, exuberant and oxygenated, concentrated and lingering steam that people have sought after for thousands of years. The pleasurable sauna-bathing experiences can be replicated in saunas of any size, in cities as in the countryside, on weekdays and holidays alike.

IKI-Kiuas Oy is the first company to manufacture open-structure sauna stoves and heaters. The durable and simple shape. The innovative fireplace and elegant mesh frame that allows air to freely circulate. These characteristics kicked off an entire collection of IKI stoves and heaters in the mid-1990s and have since then come to redefine sauna heater design in the global scale. Initially, the solution that was so entirely different from established thought patterns met with quite some resistance and took a while to become recognized as truly remarkable. It has been worth all the effort as the end result is sauna stoves and heaters par excellence.

IKI wood-burning sauna stoves and electric heaters are made of stainless steel and have AISI309 resistors, that are designed for commercial use. The robust RST mesh frame and the thick steel pipe commonly used in power plants guarantee the longevity and safety of IKI stoves and heaters. Due to the round shape, thermal expansion does not cause stress to the metal eliminating the cause of premature rusting and burn-through.

IKI stoves and heaters are ideal for communally used saunas in apartment buildings, swimming halls and other shared facilities, such as saunas-for-hire. Based on a study conducted by Lappeenranta University of Technology, IKI electric heaters have been proven to save energy in commercial use. Thanks to the large quantity of stones, the power can be switched off at times: Once heated, the stones transfer heat to the steam room very slowly and thus maintain the idea bathing temperature for a long time. A much lower energy consumption can be reached than with standard model heaters of a similar power capacity.

All IKI wood-burning stove models have been tested to comply with the requirements of the EU standard (EN 15821: 2010) in the KYAMK University of Applied Sciences laboratory in Kouvola, Finland. The tests include carbon monoxide (CO) emission testing, which indicates how cleanly the stove burns wood. The test result for the best-selling IKI model, the Original IKI, was 0.10%, which is 9 times below the limit (1%). IKI-Kiuas has also conducted tests for its wood-burning stoves at the German TÜV testing institute in Munich in 2011. In Germany, the standards set for wood-burning appliances are much stricter than the EU standard. IKI stoves’ fine particulate emissions were about 0.020 grams per cubic meter, with the limit set at 0.075 grams/m³.

IKI Wood-burning Heaters are Better for the Environment

IKI makes the cleanest burning sauna stoves on the market.
There’s been plenty of discussion in the media about emissions related to wood burning, particularly their effect on the climate and health. The amount of Carbonmonoxide emissions varies greatly when different stoves are concerned, and it is likely there will be stricter controls put into place during the next couple of years.

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Löyly Helsinki

Löyly Helsinki is a popular public sauna in Helsinki offering exceptional architecture in a unique location. Unique custom IKI-stove weighing 600kg is at the heart of the sauna.

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Stylish Float Sauna Heater Launched – designed by Eero Aarnio

The Float electric sauna heater, designed by Eero Aarnio and manufactured by IKI Kiuas, in co-operation with Ilkka Harju and Cariitti Oy, has just been launched to the market. The stylish, futuristic shape of the heater is illuminated to create the effect that it is airborne.
– Eero Aarnio designed his first sauna heater back in the 1960s, so in a way the circle has been completed in this jubilee year, says Samuli Kerrman, CEO of IKI Kiuas.

The distinct appearance and mighty power make the Float heater well suited for classy public saunas and for large private saunas. The novel shape reflects the communal aspect of sauna bathing as it is reminiscent of the circle of people around a camp fire. The 160kg of stones that go into the heater and the 13.8kW output deliver smooth and plentiful warmth for the bathers.

For further information, please contact:

Samuli Kerrman, IKI-Kiuas Oy
tel. +358 40 621 5730